o dried shrimp, have some hysterical crying: “But every time you call me to give my sister, I do not!Why would I have to make!Just because I’m bigger it?I do not do my sister, and my sister do!I do make, and you can also let me!Well I said bring me a gift have to give my sister to eat, I do not agree!I just do not agree!”

  Original body hear laughed: “Silly boy, who is big and it is not our final say, than your sister born bowl, that is my sister, what you say once the switch is?Bes深圳桑拿网ides, you big sister so much more than it, she was little, she could not understand what?Mom and Dad know you sensible.”
  ”I did not know, I’m not naive!”Peizi Han crying snot bubble are out, badly embarrassed,” I quit!Why should I stuff my sister, is not obedient, is to grab something, she wanted my stuff, is to let me make it?Obviously she did not listen, she is wrong things, have to call me, say I’m bad!Why should I have her tube.”
  When people cry, like how many bitter memories will be in my heart, she can remember, every time when wronged assume responsibility for her sister, she repeatedly tried to convince myself, telling myself – yes ah, my sister still so small, she is the sister looked for mom and dad, sister do not make mistakes, his heart grievances, always endless, she can not twenty-four hours watching sister, 广州桑拿网sometimes just watching cartoons into God, to go to the toilet, a back, sister to make trouble, and how she can do it?
  ”You are my sister.”Wu Fangfang was crying big head, to appease her daughter, she was also very confused, in fact, she was born in families with many children, as the youngest daughter, from small to large, parents are called to let her brothers, she does not know teach children feel with this set, but this Is there something wrong with you?
  ”I do not want my sister!”She cried all began sobbing,” I’m not happy, I hate my sister!I hate sister!You only like her, I do not like!”
  ”Peizai Han, how you speak it?”The original body can not help but hear it

ok in that day.

  At that time –
  Wu Fangfang brow furrowed, she went over to look, take drastic measures to put Peizi Han clutching grilled shrimp dry hands pulled out, while the other refused to let go, you can just point force, how can an adult child is able to stand strength: “well, all good to listen to my mother, son Han, you gave my sister a dry grilled shrimp, small sharks to you, so next time you go out to give your dad buy.”She will be a dry grilled shrimp stuffed into Pei Ziyu arms,” Well, well, it does not solve the problem yet?Do not cry ah, cry more than face shame shame.”
  Cha Zhaoyao edge of the original skill is also very helpless, he sighed, but nodded: “Yes ah, you say daddy come home for so long, you will become noisy like this, and more bad ah?You two sisters grew up in a small, feeling go都市夜网od, just to a grilled shrimp dry, as to fight it?Sub-Han, we do sister, to be sensible, you’re a good example of it!”
  Past one size fits all solution, no one wanted to direct detonated Peizai Han, what she rushed over, a sister from the things that pull back, Pata tears fall down, while wiping the side of the stream: “No!This is my, why give sister!”Her mind moving too quickly, and soon thought of before Mom and Dad’s teachings,” before you do not also teach us idiom?Kongrongrangli!Why not let my sister, why do I have to want to make!”
  ”How can you pull, hurt my sister how to do?”Wu Fangfang first criticism, I thought it was funny, it seems the adults, children quarrel appearance and the reasons are quite funny, childish lovely, she could not help being amused, looked at her husband:” Let the child was a little Han talented woman, uti都市兔兔lization idiom, though we say Kongrongrangli, but this little sister, age, just like mom and Dad, you eat those delicious, we also want to eat, but we never and you grab it?right?”Phase, as the couple laughed, but also feel strange interesting.
  Listen Peizi Han heart next, but more and more uncomfortable, she stomped, clinging t

, to solve people’s questions, Wu Fangfang did not realize that she put much more thorough implementation of the sentence.

  Pei Naochun reluctantly sat across from his wife, he looked at his wife, and shook his head: “Fang Fang, you will not find that where there is wrong with you?”
  ”Where does?”Wu Fangfang immediately asked.
  Pei Naochun see a positive Stern to his wife, face very serious –
  You know, in the origin杭州桑拿al body memory, so today is not the end, but after a few words of his wife, the war was diverted to the highest.
  ”Why is not that a few grilled shrimp?Sister to eat, you give her to eat, so adults, and also so gluttonous care, where do it?”
  ”You look, sister crying into what looks like, we do sister to be generous, give her two.”
  ”You and sister for a change, anyway, is not it all the same?You see, this shark and more good-looking, you give my sister and let her sister to let.”
  Then slumbered a long bomb, sure enough, thorough explosion.

Chapter 138 second child age (seven)?(Eight)
  According to Wu Fangfang thoughts of that time, which of course she is the optimal solution to solve the problem, grilled shrimp dry, but a bag of snacks, what valuables are not, not worth anything, daughter Peizai Han, but not three children tw南宁夜网o years old , now older, where there will be so many greedy bad habits, in that case, let make, anyway, the thing to his sister, what problems can be solved immediately.
  In the past habits in general, the food is home to divide the food, who should never have no reason, even buy a bag of potato chips to go home, do they上海夜网 do that Mom and Dad also wanted to reach out to take a to ask me?This is certainly no reason!With this habit, but refused Peizai Han Wu Fangfang idea of reimbursing wanted her to do this retreat a step sister.
  Can that day, she was such a problem but rather casual approach to big up so much noise, Pei Naochun long memories recall the original body, can clearly remember the original body memory, Peizai Han crazy lo

, nothing happened to my father that forced her to share ideas as before.

  ”Well, the old rules, shake hands.”Pei Naochun smiled to see the two children, the children are well-behaved children, but guide the adults, so that they grow in different directions.
  Size is not a big difference between the two hands tightly clasped together, and in the next Naochun Pei Wu Fangfang finally relieved, revealing a smile of satisfaction.
  ”Well, well, silly you a father, so he went 广州桑拿to rest.”Wu Fangfang stood up, pushed her husband to go to the house, she knew a business trip, in all likelihood tiring, her husband will name his mind to go back to change clothes, take the opportunity to ask, what is the situation today in the end.
  Mom and Dad looked away figure, Pei Ziyu has clung tightly to her sister aro天津夜网und, tightly holding her sister’s hand, can Jin Sa Zhejiao: “Sister, you’re not angry, right?I’m wrong.”She was a little embarrassed, for fear that my sister is not happy.
  Peizai Han looked at his sister, the heart becomes softened and slowly, sometimes she felt like a schizophrenic, like her sister from time to like them very much, especially when angry and nasty, she opened the grilled shrimp dry bag, arrested two: “mouth.”Look sister obedient mouth, then immediately dry grilled shrimp stuffed into it, obviously only just for this fight, but now watching my sister eat happy, happy she.
  ”good to eat!”Salty taste, has been into the heart, and with Pei Ziyu reluctant and chew, flattered at her sister:” Sister of the best!”
  ”Give you just say I’m so delicious.”Peizai Han did not hold back, pinch pinch sister’s fac上海夜网e,” You do not eat eat?”
  ”Do not eat, my sister to eat, next time call father bought me!”Pei Ziyu pondering his mouth smile, his face full of tears have not dried yet, been laughed Lao Gao.
  Room, just Huanhaoyifu Pei Naochun came out, it was Wu Fangfang pulled over: “how suddenly this evening?Called sub-Han was divided, not all right?”Not solve the problem

yu slowly matured, grown up, and realized that a lot of wrong behavior, you can then give the child Han heart, has left a heavy wound, hard to heal.

  ”not good!”Pei Ziyu been shaking his head, tears continue to drop down.
  ”Dad also hope that gift to you, stay in your hands.”Pei Pei Ziyu holding a doll Naochun shook 苏州夜网his hand,” you cute little shark?You so despise it, it certainly felt very sad, and my father to buy you a small shark, specially runSeveral stores to get these, you do not like to think of my father and my heart very happy.”
  ”No do not like it, I like small sharks!”Pei Ziyu once firmly hold small shark广州桑拿网, Gu also could not cry, hand clutching my father,” Daddy do not be angry.”
  ”Dad does not get angry, Ember obediently, Dad and my heart Hao.”Pei Naochun patted her daughter’s head,” and so next time my father went to small town, but also to buy you grilled shrimp dry, OK?This time to buy, my sister is a gift, that is not to let yourself eat sister?”
  Eyes still tears in my eyes, Pei Ziyu nodded vigorously, should the inarticulate, it has been completely dispel the idea of something and sister division.
  ”Well, it is done now, I am not going to apologize for my sister?You just do not even have to ask, how can my sister and take it directly?Such sister more sad ah!Dad also directly next time you stole a doll.”
  Pei Ziyu immediately release the father’s hand, holding a small shark conspire in front of her sister, stood there, looked on h北京夜生活网elplessly while her sister: “Sister, I was wrong, I was a little greedy, do not be angry with me, OK?I am sorry.”
  Peizai Han looked at his sister, then looked behind her father encouraged to look, nodded his head: “Well, I’m not angry.”She was a little uncomfortable, this is the first time, after my sister cry and kick, someone standing on this side of her, in fact, just that she has begun to reflect on the grievances that he refused to give things sister’s behavior is not too stingy, I did not expect, from beginning to end

re it?The sister of it, even if my mother every time pressing must give, as long as my sister crying, and finally my parents would just shake their heads over his head, he looked at her and looked cramped and said: “Look, your sister this voice have to cry bad, sub-Han sister you do this, do not grab and sister.”This sentence is a general, she gave up the ghost energy and sister eating heart.

  That sentence is appropriate, perhaps, her full sister, and sister, but it is still my sister.
  Even the gift Dad brought back, she also points to share the truth Peizai Han heard countless times, but sometimes, but still want 北京体验网to return to a monopoly.
  I do not sentence, Pei Ziyu shock was crying louder and louder, and her hand clutching shark dolls, dangling, and crying loudly, supposedly this age, children should be fewer and fewer tears, can perhaps Wu Fangfang, Pei Naochun total surrender to her tears, she more and more to cry up a what, apart from anything else, the first weapon to protect themselves with tears.
  Wu Fangfang was crying big head, she looked around, eyes will still fall on the Peizi Han’s body: “Son Han, or you.”
  ”Fang Fang.”Oh Naochun Pei Wu Fangfang stop, he too wanted to know what Wu Fangfang said,” Ember, is no use crying.”
  He went over and grabbed Pei Ziyu hand, while small shark doll pressed firmly in the hands of her daughter: “This is my father gave you a gift, you just do not, my father will be very sad very sad.”
  ”I.I d北京夜网id not.”Pei Ziyu a father this, he somewhat uneasy, she also knew his words seem quite right, head whispered,” I just wanted a change and sister.”
  ”The next time my father gave me a gift of jade handle, you can also take it for what it?”Pei Naochun firmly to his daughter, he knew that old daughter, is not entirely unknown in the old affair,” just like you on the back to daddy’s little red flowers, and my father to take to the downstairs grandfather alright?”
  According to the original body of memory, over time, of course, Pei Zi

re yet?Allowed the child to eat a return to how it?

  When adults are still a possessive, not to mention the children themselves can not do everything, to share material objects, why do you blame the children for selfish it?Again, the child usually has more than enough points, learn to share, rather than having深圳桑拿网 to share, did this rule this world.
  ”I.”Pei Ziyu see my father’s stern expression, flat mouth, badly wronged, tears patter on down, she could not understand how my father suddenly so fierce, and she really wanted to eat it?Grilled shrimp dry red, one by one, the strange looks delicious, “but I want to eat Well!”
  Pei rare Naochun did not follow his daughter, he Tanshou: “Dad want something too much, you can not get everything, and you can apply for dad, dad next time to trumpet the city, but also to buy you grilled shrimp dry , this time you can choose is a small shark, sister chose the grilled shrimp dry, it should be in accordance with the rules, right?Can not you took your gifts, your sister did not have to put it points out gifts?”
  ”Naochun, on a dry grilled shrimp.”Wu Fangfang several times tried to speak, have been pre南宁夜网ssed back her husband, she spoke immediately receive her husband’s eyes indicate, and choke the word go, he chose to remain silent.
  ”That, that I do not want a small shark.”Pei Ziyu force wiped the tears, she handed a small shark to sister over there,” Sister, we change what is good, I give you a little shark, grilled shrimp dry to me all right?”She immediately thought of a new way is to exchange, before they are done at home!
  ”I do not want!”Peizai Han opposition quickly, her father standing behind, in front of his father’s body with an attempt to grilled shrimp dry completely blocked,” I do not!”She also stressed that a tone very tough.
  Of course she knew to share, but her heart just do not understand why something should share?Whether a person is a bag of potato chips, a bottle of Coke or small to large toys, she did not have to sha

ng, Zhou Xiuying filling the stretch children, feel more comfortable body, She just said, “How can you say that?”

  Zhao Xiaoling and Ruan Zhigang, as a glance, an ambiguous statement, “milk, then Deputy Director Liu family is a unitary children, children need something like this to give them gold earrings useless ah!”Paused, they secretly write the one Ruan rain,” we.We want the family that tank milk malt extract sent to the Deputy Director Liu, this is a rarity, with this milk cans wheat precise and appropriate bride price, promotion thing I would definitely stabilized!”
  ”Oh!”I was here waiting for ah!Nguyen rain suddenly realized, she said that Ruan Zhigang and Zhao Xiaoling naughty one night, that feeling is to jar her hand milk malt extract.
  They can not drink, do not let her drink, but also to p北京夜生活网ut her things, went out gifts, which beat the abacus crackling sound.
  Here are three bedrooms face does not look good, they Ruan Zhigang and Zhao Xiaoling smart, when they really are a fool ah!
  Zhou Xiuying This face can no longer use it seems difficult to describe, it is completely livid, even with a little breathing is not smooth, ultra she took Tangci Gang Ruan Zhigang go out into the hands of the hit to the body, then shouted, “I see you are reluctant to brainwash your wife is not a light, feeling her gold earrings Zhao Xiaoling, that would be willing to rain a jar of milk malt extract, right??”
  Ruan Zhigang smashed a red forehead, burning pain, he hurriedly explained, “is not milk.Uncle They helped me, later I will remember their good!”
  ”Shit!”Zhou Xiuying spit a mouthful of spittle,” you said you would remember good three-bedroom?You ask yourself, are you accounting for much cheaper three-bedroom, three-bedroom, or take advantage of you and more??Before you can rise to this position, which one is not your Uncle bring things back to help you maintain people??Uncle how you like family are your long-term workers, deserve to lose, deserve help广州桑拿网 you right???”

all shark, sister to the grilled shrimp dry, now buy back, is that not everyone should be a gift of their own it?”Pei Pei Z杭州桑拿洗浴iyu looked Naochun,” If my father and now you say, small sharks do not give you, I want to take the matter to others, Ember happy it?”

  Pei Ziyu great response, she immediately hugged the doll, shook his he佛山桑拿网ad, tied two pigtail to swing: “not to others, is my little shark.”
  Wu Fangfang listen quite right, she tugged at her husband’s clothes, her husband said these, and they can both have always taught her daughter is not the same, can Pei Naochun like no feeling, like ignoring, just continue down said: “Ember reluctant to give others a small shark, sister can not bear to others grilled shrimp dry it, how hard can you do to find her sister?”
  ”but.Only a small shark, grilled shrimp dry there is so much of it!”Pei Ziyu flexible head, she gestures with your fingers,” I want to eat eat two.”Pei Ziyu child, the child is not from the bear everybody’s eyes, she was naturally very good, also considered the advice parents heard live, in front of outsiders performance can be said to be out, be home, parents are always pressing for this selfless sisters, they had to open extra ports, because almos杭州夜网论坛t every time as long as the opening, and finally can be assigned so yixingbandian.
  ”Whether it is one or two, are sister.”Pei Naochun Stern, her daughter looked at very seriously,” You can ask my sister, want to divide you eat, do not have to agree, it is a sister thing.Usually no matter what, my sister and you have to share, but sometimes, my sister also can choose a person to eat, right?Like Ember, you particularly like to eat potato chips, each time there is no give to others, right?”
  Share awareness is important, not what can be done to share, according to some people’s point of view, what is regarded as a pack of grilled shrimp dry, sub-divided it, no big deal, can be viewed from another perspective, a bag of roasted dried shrimp is nothing, it is a non-sco

ation there clearly and logically.

  Before the departure, according to the old rules they have to choose the right things, Pei Ziyu to the mascot is modeled puppet or toy; Peizi Han prefer to eat, she wants is online limelight large, very well-known local a grilled shrimp dry, Pei Naochun naturally eleven上海419论坛 to buy back, while his wife is a scarf belt, on top of a pattern of local heritage, very chic, received a gift of three very different is satisfied, feel good, can not wait a moment, there Piansi accident occurred.
  ”What are you doing!”Peizai Han sound a bit big, she took his little bag and ran quickly ran behind the couch, watching her sister was very alert.
  ”what happened again?”Wu Fangfang very helpless, her family two daughters, no one corpuscles of the day, weekdays Dao Yeting Sister, but you have to be so noisy on a From time to time, she felt tired.
  ”She just want to steal my grilled shrimp dry!Pressing the strip directly on the mouth of the press can continue to save “Peizi Han and her mother immediately complain, grilled shrimp dry on the pounds is known, ziplock bag fitted with a full, open after eating, not eating, 广州桑拿网be very convenient packaging after just opening presents, she caught the two in his mouth, just smiled, but immediately saw my sister outstretched hand, this reaction is so big.
  ”Just because this?”Wu Fangfang ridiculous, she do not understand, these two grilled shrimp dry regarded as anything, ‘sub-Han, there you –上海夜网
  Her voice did not fall, Pei Naochun immediately put in her tongue: “Ember, you may do so angry father!This is where you are wrong.”His words drew some inexplicable wife’s eyes, frown want is not on the other side, can be out of respect for her husband, did not refute immediately.
  ”I, ah me how?”Pei Ziyu down, still clutching a small shark, some grievances,” I want to eat two grilled shrimp dry.”
  ”But this is my father to buy a gift for my sister, my father then asked the two of you do not?What a gift you want, you want a sm