Tianhai drama ends!At the beginning, they wanted to win the world for Tianjin

Tianhai drama ends!At the beginning, they wanted to “win the world for Tianjin”
From Binhai, Hohhot to Songjiang, Tianjin, and then to Quanjian, Tianjin, the continuation of the journey ends in Tianjin Tianhai.To the end, the last color left by the scenery of Yancheng in the past was the red fingerprint on the team’s self-help letter. The slogan “Win the world for Tianjin” was finally dispersed in the wind.Tian Hai player Yang Xu thanked the fans after the game.Picture / Visual China from Songjiang to Quanjian, dare to win the world for Tianjin. In June 2006, Tianjin Binhai Group established the Hohhot Binhai Football Club in Hohhot, and began to participate in the China National League in 2007.From the club management staff to the team coaching team, the backbone of Hohhot Binhai is mostly from Tianjin. In the summer of 2007, the club moved back to Tianjin, where it played for the China League 2 under the name of Tianjin Songjiang.That year, the general manager of Songjiang Club was Hao Haidong, and the team coach was former Tianjin international Han Jinming.Tianjin Songjiang successfully rushed into the 2010 season. After a few years of ups and downs in China, their destiny met an inflection point in 2015.After failing to “in-depth cooperation” with Tianjin TEDA, Quanjian Group set its sights on Tianjin Songjiang.In July 2015, Quanjian and Songjiang jointly announced a press conference announcing Quanquan Group ‘s wholly-owned merger and acquisition of Songjiang Club.Quan Jian set the relegation for the club, rushed to the Super League, participated in the AFC Champions League, and participated in the World Club Cup “Tetralogy”. It is easy to remind people of Guangzhou Evergrande ‘s acquisition of Guangyao in 2010.”The next Evergrande” was a common guess in Chinese football at that time.Tianjin Quanjian appeared in the Super League as a newly promoted team in 2017. Their first Super League game was full of momentum. On the day the team set off for Guangzhou, the club officials announced 8 new players to join: Mi Haolun, Wang Xiaolong, Yang Shanping,Luxury spindles like Wang Yongpo, Quan Jingyuan, Pato, Witsel and Moras can be called heavyweights.The official slogan of Zhuangxing is a little bit burning: “Start for the dream!Win the world for Tianjin!Unswervingly!”Tianjin Quanjian, who was first involved in the Chinese Super League, finally won the third place.In January of the following year, Modest scored twice to help the team eliminate the Philippine god of the valley and advance to the AFC Champions League-people would not have thought that the head coach Paul Sousa and the goalkeeper ModesOn that day, he gave Quan Jian fans as much joy as he had afterwards.Tianhai players in the game.Figure / Sports from Quan Jian to Tianhai, but the dream of football season AFC Champions League 2018 season is the highlight of Tianjin Quan Jian. In the first game of the AFC Champions League, they broke into the quarterfinals, tying Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanggang for the first timeThe record of the championship and created the best result of the AFC Champions League in that year.But the speculation about whether “Quan Jian will become the next Evergrande” has not been mentioned. The league’s ninth ranking cannot be compared with the glory of Evergrande. At the same time that the league’s results are not satisfactory, Quan Jian began to encounter more and moreTrouble: Modest refused to return to the team, and began a protracted lawsuit with the club.In October of the same year, the coach Paul Sosa, who was out of class due to his poor record, chose the same approach as his predecessor, Cannavaro: to report Quan Jian to FIFA on the grounds of arrears of salary.In November 2018, Quan Jian officially announced that Korean coach Cui Kangxi will take office after the end of the season.The change of handsome position seems to be a turning point. At that time, Cui Kangxi ranked 23rd in the world’s head coach rankings and ranked first in Asia. Many of the eyes that have been removed have once again focused on Tianjin Quanjian.”This is the beginning of Quan Jian’s revival.”People talk like this.The imagination about Quanjian Football came to an abrupt end in January 2019, and 18 suspects including Quanyu Natural Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.’s actual controller, Shuyuhui, were criminalized according to law.On January 7, Tianjin Quanjian Football Club was hosted by Tianjin Sports Bureau. A few days later, the club completed the industrial and commercial name change procedure, which was renamed Tianjin Tianhai by Tianjin Quanjian.These changes make Tianjin Tianhai have to tighten the money to spend the 2019 season. The first thing they do is to terminate the contract with Cui Kangxi.At that time, the Korean coach who was leading the team’s winter training became the first Chinese Super League coach before the 2019 season.Tianjin Tianhai’s 2019 record is bleak: At the end of May, the 102-day head coach Shen Xiangfu was dismissed because of only 1 win in 11 rounds; in October, “fire coach” Zhong Zhong was dismissed due to his poor record and poor management.The team finally relegated in the final moment under the leadership of Li Weifeng.Outside the court, Zhang Lu’s drunk driving was detained and had a serious impact on the club’s image . “Dequantification” has also been reflected in other aspects. Many players who joined during the period of Quanjian departed.According to statistics from relevant professional websites, the club has been recognized in the transfer market9.RMB 2 billion.Li Weifeng led Tianhai in relegation last season.Figure / Visual China from Tianhai to the end, just remember that the impact of the wolf howling new crown pneumonia epidemic caused the global sports events to shut down. In the days without the Super League, the admission process of Tianjin Tianhai has become a “flow burden” for Chinese football.As early as February when the Chinese Football Association sent a request letter to Tianhai, it caused speculation. After all, of the 16 Super League clubs, only Tianhai received the request letter.And the fact that Tianhai let go of many main players and has no sign of signing in the transfer market really does disturb the fans who care about them.The club ‘s financial situation is unhealthy. This is a prediction made by professionals in many cases when it does not surface, and the high compensation that Modest and others need to pay for a series of overseas lawsuits is precisely the key.The entry plot will then be merged with the transfer plot-on March 5, Tianjin Tianhai issued a transfer announcement, announcing the recruitment of the distribution object from the same day, and transferring 100% of the club’s distribution with a zero transfer fee.On the 14th.On March 7, the Chinese Football Association sent a reply to Tianhai, requesting Tianhai to submit materials for review before 17:00 on March 12, and bluntly that Tianhai ‘s decision to transfer all equity to zero yuan triggered the association ‘s “great value”.On the evening of March 9, Tianhai team members issued a joint letter through social media to the Tianjin Sports Bureau and the Tianjin Football Association for help, hoping that new investors would see their determination to “have to play well in the Super League this season”; After receiving a half-day grace period from the Chinese Football Association, Tianhai announced on the 13th that it has signed a contract with Wantong Holdings and transferred all of its distribution to Wantong.On April 1st, the Chinese Football Association in Xianghe mentioned above on this matter. Due to the initiation time of the Tianhai allocation transfer and the conversion of Wantong Holdings reached “two consecutive years of profit”, it did not meet the Chinese Football Association ‘s professional club allocation regulations.Suspension, the two sides immediately launched another set of plans, namely Wantong to provide financial support to Tianhai in the form of a sponsor.On April 2, Tianhai coaches and players issued an open letter to the Chinese Football Association, urging the Football Association not to deprive Tianhai of the Super League qualification for subjective observation and judgment.The twists and turns of the plot did not lead to the result of the willow flowers. Before the May 1 holiday, under the mediation of the Tianjin Sports Bureau, all circles were optimistic about Tianhai ‘s access, but after the holiday, Tianhai and Wantong were responsibleThere are contradictions and splits in the principle issues such as rights, and the negotiations have completely failed.Twenty years ago, the tough guy on the court, twenty years later, the head of the Tianhai coaching team, and the club ‘s deputy general manager Li Weifeng made the final self-help. He posted the team ‘s self-help letter on May 9That remark was like the last wail of Wolverine in the twilight years: “To this day, we still hope that the team can stay in the Chinese Super League in the most normal way, but if it is not possible, we are ready to come by ourselves!”Under the rules,” come on your own “will not work after all, and you can only accept this result if you are unwilling. This club will eventually miss the 2020 Chinese Super League.Tianhai, the end of the play.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofread Zhai Yongjun