[How to make chocolate ice cream?

]_ Production method _ home practice

[How to make chocolate ice cream?
]_ Production method _ home practice

As for the chocolate ice cream that is popular all over the world, this dessert looks very appetizing. I really want to try it myself. The taste is also very sweet, so most people cannot resist the temptation of chocolate ice cream.You can eat authentic chocolate ice cream in many places. In addition, you can make your own. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare and how to make them.

How to make chocolate ice cream?
Ingredients: egg yolks, 2 light creams, 150 grams of accessories, dark chocolate, 50 grams of granulated sugar, 30 grams of milk, 150 ml.

Put the ice cream bucket in the refrigerator freezer in advance and freeze for at least 12 hours2.

Place fine sugar in egg yolks 3.

After mixing, use an electric eggbeater to beat until the color becomes lighter and the volume expands 4.

Pour milk into a saucepan and add chopped dark chocolate 5.

Heat on low heat and stir, turn off the heat until slightly boiled.

Slowly pour the chocolate milk into the egg yolk paste, taking care to use an electric whisk to stir 7.

Until the end is completely poured, stir for a while to make the temperature suddenly not hot, and set aside to cool 8.

Take light cream 9.

Pass the ice pack to the state where the texture appears10.

Slowly pour the cool chocolate custard into the whipping cream and stir while stirring 11.

Finally, beat well, and the ice cream solution is ready.

Take out the ice cream bucket in the freezer, and install the interchange 13.

Fixed in the bread maker 14.

Pour the ice cream solution and close the lid, select the 14iMix program, set the time for 25 minutes, and start program 15.

The finished product at the end of the program is soft ice cream 16.

If you like a bit harder texture, you can put the ice cream in the refrigerator and freeze dry it. Freeze hard and you can use cooking techniques1. During the use of the ice cream bucket, you need to be careful not to heat it, and it should be flat when freezing; 2. If there is no ice cream machine, you can use an electric eggbeater, but you need to stop freezing for about half an hour and then take out the stirring, so that stirring back and forth-freezing-stirring, about four or five times can make ice cream with a better exitAlready.

Chocolate ice cream is rich in multi-source phenol complexes. Nutritionists have proven that phenol complexes not only prevent the chocolate itself from slightly decaying and acidifying, but also can be quickly absorbed by blood vessels after being ingested into the body, and antioxidants in bloodThe composition increases significantly and quickly acts as an antioxidant that prevents LDL from oxidizing and inhibits platelet activity in blood vessels.

These ingredients play an important role in keeping the blood vessels in the body flowing.