The first 3 quarters of public fund performance reports were released, and active equity funds performed well

The first 3 quarters of public fund performance reports were released, and active equity funds performed well

With the end of the last trading day in September, the first three quarters of this year’s fund results were officially released.

According to the public fund performance report statistics released by Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, the average net value of the first three quarters of standard stock funds and partial stock funds can be 33 respectively.

71% and 34.


Compared with the main indexes of the same period, the CSI 800 Index increased by 26.

05%, the Shanghai 50 Index rose 27.

75%, the GEM index rose 31.

75%, the fund’s performance advantage is obvious.

At the same time, bond and currency funds performed mediocrely.

  Since this year, the A-share market has recovered from the shock.

The above voucher index is taken as an example. The highest test in the year is 3288.

45 points, with a minimum of 2440.

91 points, the overall shock around 3000 points, until September 30, the annual internal change of 16.


Too much analysis believes that the overall market situation this year is still dominated by consolidation.

So what are the reasons for the outstanding performance of active equity funds?

  Haitong Securities believes that although the A-share market fluctuated and adjusted in the third quarter, individual sectors performed well, such as electronic components, medicine, computers, food and beverage, and catering and tourism, which increased in the third quarter.

63%, 6.

86%, 5.

03%, 3.

57%, 2.


Active equity funds that ranked high in the first three quarters of net worth growth also benefited from heavy 成都桑拿网 positions in the aforementioned sectors.

  Judging from the ranking of new active equity funds with leading yields in the first three quarters, there are many products that only focus on themes of medicine and health, such as GF Healthcare, ABC Healthcare Healthcare Theme, China Merchants Medicine and Health Industry, etc.

There are also products that focus on the large consumer sector, such as E Fund’s consumer industry and Chuangjin Hexin’s consumer theme.

  In the first three quarters of 2019, the ranking of the yield of active equity funds (picture source: China Business News) is dazzling. The performance of active equity funds has been dazzling, and transcripts evaluating the active management capabilities of fund companies have also been released.

In the first three quarters announced by Galaxy Securities, the fund 杭州桑拿 managers’ active management capabilities ranked Caitong Securities as 73.

The average return of 26% leads the pack.

Caitong Fund, Huatai Baoxing, and Puyin Ansheng ranked two or three or four.

The two companies ‘active stock fund-sized fund companies, Penghua, E Fund, and Shanghai Investment Morgan, also received active management yields of more than 40%.