[Do Bayberry eat with squid?

】 _Shengshengmei_ can you eat

[Do Bayberry eat with squid?
】 _Shengshengmei_ can you eat

In the summer, everyone must like to eat bayberry. Bayberry has a refreshing taste, and can be rich in nutrition, supplemented with fructose. In addition, bayberry is rich in cellulose, also contains a variety of mineral elements, and bayberry contains eightThis is an amino acid that is good for the human body. Eating bayberry can play a role in promoting health, quenching thirst, and promoting digestion. So, can bayberry be eaten with squid?

Do bayberry and squid eat together?
The combination of fruits and seafood can easily cause symptoms of poisoning.

Seafood after eating fruit is a diarrhea caused by improper diet.

There are many combinations that are toxic.

You need to pay attention to your diet. Try to avoid frozen fruits and greasy seafood.

Cetirizine or loratadine can be taken orally.

Topical Aoneng or Eloxon or Calamine lotion.

Can bayberry and seafood be eaten together? Bayberry and seafood cannot be eaten together.

Myrica rubra contains relatively rich vitamin C and organic acids. If eaten with seafood, especially when consumed in large amounts, it will affect the absorption of nutrients and may also cause harm to physical health.

There is no basis for saying that bayberry and seafood are toxic when eaten with seafood. However, citizens in the summer should pay attention to eating and don’t mix in order to avoid causing diarrhea.

Why can’t bayberry be eaten with seafood? Bayberry is rich in vitamin C, and seafood like shrimp, crab and other seafood contains a certain amount of high concentration of “pentavalent oxide”, which is not harmful to the human body, but it also takes up a lot ofWith vitamin C, “pentavalent arsenic” will be converted into “trivalent arsenic”, that is, arsenic.

If you consume large amounts of bayberry and seafood at the same time for a long time, it may cause acute acute poisoning, which may be severely life-threatening.

2. Bayberry is rich in amino acids, fruit acids and other ingredients, while seafood is rich in protein and calcium. If you eat bayberry and seafood at the same time, it will affect the body’s absorption of protein and calcium in seafood.Coming soon, it will combine with sulfuric acid in bayberry to form insoluble calcium, which will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause abdominal pain, nausea, rejection and vomiting.

Tips There is a saying in the folks that “swallowing bayberry nuclear energy defeats the fire”
, that it is easy to get angry if it eats too much, but swallowing bayberry nuclear can suppress the anger.

Experts say this statement is not scientific.

“Eating myrica rubra may cause acute intestinal obstruction, especially for people with poor gastrointestinal function.

“Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine related experts said that after all, the bayberry kernel is a hard thing, and it cannot be digested and absorbed if swallowed.

Children and people with poor digestive functions should not eat swallowberry kernels. Children’s esophagus and trachea are small, and swallowing kernels are easy to pinch. Patients with gastric ulcers, digestive tract diseases, and complications are usually relatively severe.Backlog.