Spying on the military and doing things personally, Tie Shuai won praise for playing two jobs a day

Spying on the military and doing things personally, “Tie Shuai” won praise for playing two jobs a day
During the coaching of the national football team, in addition to being able to experience the hard work of the players, Li Tie was not idle.After losing to the Japanese team 1-2 in the first round of the East Asian Cup, Li Tie and his assistant came to the South Korean team and the Chinese Hong Kong team to watch the match and learn about their opponents.This approach is very different from Lippi’s coaching of the national football team. A handful of the tasks of spying on the military were almost handed over to scouts and teaching assistants.Personally, this is the behavior style of Li Tie coaching the national football selection team.Since the national football selection team was concentrated in Wuhan in early November, Li Tie has become the busiest person. In the morning, he will bring the selection team to train in the morning and return to the club to lead the team to prepare for the league in the afternoon.The team also has to work two jobs a day.Working two jobs a day, Li Tie became an “iron man.”The training place of the China Team of Picture / Visual China in Wuhan is the Tazihu Sports Center in the Jiang’an District of Hankou, and the new base of Wuhan Zall Club is located in Huangpi District, about 8 kilometers apart.During the half-month training in Wuhan, Li Tie and several team members traveled back and forth on this road every day.Official Li Tie revealed in an interview that during that time he and his team members could only sleep five or six hours a day, but everyone remained excited and actively did every job.Tang Miao, the R & F player who participated in the first round of training for the selection team, failed to participate in the East Asian Cup, but he still paid tribute to Li Tie after leaving the team. “Through 10 days of training, I think Li Dao is indeed very good.coach.Bring the selection team in the morning and the Wuhan team for training in the afternoon. The working attitude and sense of responsibility are our domestic players and coaches.”